Monday, May 3, 2010

The very famous 'Lagging behind'!

I have been hearing several of us use the phrase 'lagging behind'! When you are going through this post, just pause for a minute and try to recollect whether you belong to that group! Very often, we tend to use this phrase being oblivious of its wrong usage!

The word 'lagging' itself refers to falling back. Then why should the 'behind' be appended to the word lagging? As such, it is right to use lagging and it is really awkward to use 'lagging behind'! Once you understand the flaw that is associated with the usage of 'lagging behind' am sure, any one would want to get into the right track!

And if you are not one who belongs to this group, do keep this usage in mind and try to adhere to what is right! More of such common flaws to come up shortly!Stay tuned!

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